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About Kaylene Williams Marriage The Divine Reflection

This is a picture of me and my best friend on one of our favorite days. (I'm the one rocking the messy hair and bare feet!​)

Newlyweds on Vacation About Kaylene Williams The Divine Reflection

And I have to include at least one "real life" aka (not professional) photo on here. Because this is what life REALLY looks like. This is Trevor and I at Seaside, OR enjoying the rainy day. I bet now he wishes we remembered to pack the more masculine looking umbrella!

Hey there, I'm Kaylene.


As a young girl, I often daydreamed of falling in love and getting married.​ Marriage was always on my mind. And for as long as I can remember, I've always been the friend people would turn to for advice... especially about relationships. (Even before I had ever dated anyone... go figure!) I was the 3am phone call friend... and the ice cream and tears friend, the "is this too soon?" friend, the random sex questions friend, and the "burn his pictures with me!" friend. (Yup, true story there...)

But my point is, relationships are hard. But even so, they've always been my "thing".

Along with my interest in understanding relationships, I have always had this feeling deep down to my toes that somehow, marriage was part of my calling. What I didn't know then, was that it wasn't just my marriage I was called to.

After earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in Family Science, and becoming a Certified Family Life Educator I found my calling. Or... more like it found me. To my own horror, I began (gasp!) TEACHING. (One of the many things I swore I would never do.) It first started when I got offered a job to teach a relationship and personal development course at the university level, in addition to some other things. As I absorbed this information and poured over the research, I began making connections between our earthly relationships, and the relationship we're called to have with our God. I discovered the magnitude of what I call the "mystery of marriage".


Then... before you know it... it was like I just couldn't turn it off! It was like someone had unleashed the wild tyrannosaurus in the theme park! I began teaching, and telling my friends, my family, and just about everybody that gave me an opportunity about what I had been learning. I just couldn't stand the thought that they were trying to get by through trial and error when I had knowledge that could help.

Think about it this way: we require drivers ed before we get behind the wheel of a car... but we're supposed to just "know' how to be married to a person forever?  YEAH RIGHT!  You guys. We need help. We all need some training. Everyone. How can you know what to do if you've never been taught?

And that's why I'm here today. Because though nothing can make your relationship perfect, you deserve to know how to make it the best it can be.


On a personal note...

- I love juicy pear jelly bellies, but I'm not much of a chocolate fan.

- I am a dog person, and I have PUPPY FEVER like you would not believe!! (*sigh* someday...)

- I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre Performance. That's how I met my husband! 

- I love historical fiction - anything set in another time period

- I am an ENFJ "Idealist" type personality (for those of you who know what that means!)  Truth. Love. Integrity. Passion. That's basically what I live by.

- I love all things Disney.


My Qualifications...

First of all, I wouldn't blame you if this was the first section you skipped down to. I get it. I care about that kind of stuff too.

- Master of Science in Family Studies

- Bachelor of Science in Family Studies

- Certified Family Life Educator (C.F.L.E)

- 2 years of teaching experience at Central Washington University (online and on-campus), including courses on relationship skills and personal development. 

- Research conducted:  Vulnerability as a Mediator: Applying the Theory of Wholeheartedness to Emerging Adult Romantic Relationships